Building a disruptive creative platform for a highly distinctive brand


The multi-award winning Hobgoblin produces more than 130,000 barrels pa from its home at Wychwood Brewery in Witney, Oxfordshire. To drive ongoing relevance and attract the next generation of drinkers the brand has recently undergone a makeover, keeping the all-important authenticity, but evolving it to be more contemporary.


Our challenge was to take the new identity and packaging design, define an authentic brand architecture and build a powerful, fertile, emotive and long-lasting creative platform that builds on the great work done to date.  

As with any challenge of this nature we entirely immersed ourselves in every market and audience insight (B2B, B2C, on and off-trade), as well as collaborating with the client team to draw from their experience.

Born Different

The new ‘Born Different’ positioning brings purpose to the brand, unifies tactical activity and evolves the brand’s proud history of mischief and rebellion; but does so in a more accessible way that relates to both the loyal Hobgoblin Army and the new generation of drinkers. 

Hobgoblin’s purpose is to help like-minded people hear their inner outlaw and free them from conformity, convention and mediocrity. Hobgoblin is for the people who are open to new things, open to new experiences, open to adventure and who seek a different path. Hobgoblin is for the people who can hear their inner outlaw, who embrace being different and who celebrate the extraordinary.

The new creative platform will see unexpected and challenging work fall under the master proposition of ‘Born Different’ and the sub-propositions of ‘Born Honest’, ‘Born Extraordinary’ and ‘Born Defiant’.